Advice know your dashboard warning lights

advice know your dashboard warning lights

It's no fun when your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree, but what do those warning lights mean? lights. By David Bonnici, 15 Nov 2016 Car Advice. Dashboard icons Do you know what these dashboard warning icons mean?.
Home › Advice › Car dashboard warning lights explained Right in front of you on your dashboard are a number of warning lights which illuminate to tell you This light also can let you know that a passenger (e.g. a child) has opened a door.
The warning lights on your dashboard are usually the first sign that The AA app also has helpful information and advice on the different warning lights. Park up in a safe spot; Check your vehicle's handbook if you don't know how to check....

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I gave the bores a hone, fitted new STD rings and engine was good to go. Reduce your speed gradually. Your vehicle usually empties your DPF automatically on long journeys when the exhaust is hot.

advice know your dashboard warning lights

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  • If you still see the light illuminating after filing up oil, simply tow your car to the nearest well-experienced mechanic.