Blend peterson irish flake

blend peterson irish flake

Peterson Irish Flake is a robust blend of equal amount of Virginia, air-cured and dark fired tobaccos. This potent blend is extremely popular on P&C!.
Peterson's Irish Flake is a full-bodied blend made of equal proportions air-cured, flue cured, and dark fired. True to the pure tobacco taste, it's recommended for.
A taste of the ol' Irish, lad. Peterson Irish Flake pipe tobacco is a full-bodied blend comprised of air-cured, flue-cured and dark fire-cured pipe to....

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Definitely not for the beginner. I do, however, think Dark Flake unscented to be worth trying. Yes, I know, not the same category, however....

blend peterson irish flake

I find the taste well integrated with no feeling of additives. The tin note is very strong. Smoking this flake mid day without anything to eat, not as enjoyable. So no, what is there smokes out rather quickly. I dont really care for the tin note. My only complaint is that they don't sell it in a bigger tin! "Blend peterson irish flake" is, I think, a rather nondescript VaBur blend to which has been added some not very distinguished fire cured leaf. An issue I don't have with my usual loose leaf. Slow burning and can't be rushed. The aroma is of leather and musky peat with the very slightest whiff of floral notes. Definitely not an aperitif smoke. Really pleasant, no bite. Definitely not for the beginner. Upon opening the tin, I am always struck by the physical beauty of these flakes - dark browns, marbled with tans and blacks, pressed tightly into a small ish flake. Retohale brings out the nut nuance. Unless you want to feel a little lightheaded, you should eat a nice meal before. Exhibitions article item ccfdaspx experienced a burning in my throat and painful nausea. Even with that, it makes for an excellent night cap. A quality akin to the scent of a mountain road in a forest, before the rain, when the pores of all plants open and their smell is mixed with that of the earth.

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  • A shame, for it dried easily, packed well, made smoke like a fog machine. Just as with Laphroaig, it's good for those occasions when one is looking for a heavy, smokey event but definitely not an everyday tobacco.
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