Comparing boating apps

comparing boating apps

Yachting World tests seven iPad navigation apps from the best brands in the Crowd sourcing information has enabled the boating community to share . My issue is the navionics app compared to the inavx for functionality.
You'll have to look at this BoatingLAB comparison to see the cases we found to mitigate those woes, but remember, navigation apps are all.
Navigate Confidently, Navigate with iNavX - the complete marine chartplotter in the palm of your hand * And, the ONLY app to provide all your...

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View More by This Developer. Plant Equipment For Sale. These apps are not only good for boating, but just great to have any time you want to see what kind of weather is rolling in. In this way your own position and vessel details can be displayed on the map the same as would occur with an actual AIS transponder so other boats using this app can see you. Transas iSailor does everything, but it all costs extra. Custom notifications inform you when family and friends get on the water. Most US coastal areas, in my testing, seem to have basic coverage in all three apps, but it would be good to test an app by checking its coverage online when available - see below or with its free version when available before depending on it. In addition, there are some great marine devices that now support sending instrument data such as GPS and AIS sentences to an iPad or iPhone using wireless technology.
comparing boating apps

Tracks can be shared via email or social media. Anchor drift function adds overnight safety, assuming power or power source is available. Waypoints and routes can be imported and exported via GPX, though I found it difficult to place waypoints when constructing routes. Windfinder is available for free iOS and Androidor you can purchase the ad-free pro version iOS and Android. Finally, unlike the old app, new chart comparing boating apps seamlessly blend together with existing charts. Ultimately, if you own or end up neural network machine some detailed maps, comparing boating apps, you may find this feature worth the few extra dollars. Your email address will not be published. Keeping Your Boat Safe While You're Away. However, it does not work well as a planning tool, as there is no guidebook or POI. The differences among these apps are mostly a matter of varying features.

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A Bonnier Corporation Company. Lots of features and integration with other products. Boat of the Year.