Definition disability under equality

definition disability under equality

Under the Act, disabled people should be treated equally and protection from To be protected under the Equality Act, you must meet the legal definition.
It's important to understand if you qualify as disabled under the Equality Act. This complexities of the normal Equality Act definition of disability are bypassed.
We explain its definition, areas covered and what constitutes discrimination. have made a complaint of discrimination under the Equality Act. It can also occur if....

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They can give advice on issues such as welfare benefits, community care, equipment, independent living and transport. To be considered a disability, your condition must have a substantial adverse effect on your daily life. Child abuse - advice and support. You may have to pay a fee to make a claim. The practicality of the adjustment. Conditions automatically treated as a disability.

definition disability under equality

By submitting you agree to our Privacy Policy. Disability Rights UK factsheets for students. If you're in this situation, your condition will still be considered as having a substantial effect if without the treatment or aidit's still likely to have this effect. How we provide advice. Contact the consumer helpline.

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The Equality Act harmonises the three previous duties on disability, race and gender into one single, general Public Sector Equality Duty PSED. Progressive conditions , like Motor Neurone Disease, are treated as a disability as soon as there is any impact on daily activities that will have a substantial impact in the future. Religion or belief discrimination. HSE - Health and safety for disabled people.

definition disability under equality

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