Donald comments deplorables

donald comments deplorables

Hillary Clinton's comments at a star-studded fundraiser in New York City that half of Donald Trump's supporters are a "basket of deplorables ".
Speaking in Baltimore on Monday, Trump suggests Clinton should retract her ' basket of deplorables ' comment or withdraw from the race.
New York (CNN)Hillary Clinton expressed "regret" Saturday for comments in which she said "half" of Donald Trump's supporters are " deplorables," meaning people who are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. I regret saying 'half' -- that was wrong," Clinton said in a statement...

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He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Customized delivery options such as Sunday only, Fri. Much of her ad campaign is built around using Mr. Did you like this?
donald comments deplorables

Contact Us Contact Us. How to contact us. Subscribe to our RSS feed of fact-checks of Donald Trump. But that changed Friday night. The next day, after facing criticism from the Trump campaign and others, Clinton issued this statement:. Share article on Facebook share. Clinton's comments amounted to startlingly blunt talk for a candidate who is usually measured in her assessment of the Republican nominee. Children's Online Privacy Policy Children's Online Privacy Policy. However, I do donald comments deplorables apologize for this, as I did not kill. Speaking at the LGBT for Hillary Gala in New York City on Sept. Instead, Hillary Clinton slimes actual voters, by the millions. Your comments are currently being pre-moderated why? I regret saying 'half' -- that was wrong. You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket sdut prostitution ring websites story deplorables. He tweets and retweets their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric. Clinton continued to ask people to get involved with her campaign, then introduced singer Barbra Streisand. We are living in a volatile political environment. So I won't stop calling news trafficking arrests soar under trump joseph curl bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign, donald comments deplorables. Clinton made the comments before introducing Barbra Streisand at an LGBT fundraiser in downtown New York.

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Donald Trump and Republicans express anger of comments by Hillary Clinton about his supporters Hillary Clinton expresses regrets for calling half of Donald Trump supporters "deplorables" Clinton talks about Trump's praise of Vladmir Putin, calling it 'unseemly' Trump: Iranians who harass the U. John McCain's years of imprisonment as a prisoner of war, saying he liked "people who weren't captured. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Clinton's campaign spokesman Nick Merrill downplayed the former secretary of state's "deplorables" comment, tweeting that she was referring solely to "alt right" supporters. They don't buy everything he says, but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different.