Forum political compass test

forum political compass test

Given this is a forum for politics, I figure it would be interesting to get an overlay of the kind of political http://www. test.
Warning: Spoilers to the Political Compass test are in this post. I encourage you to take the test before reading. The story no one wants to hear.
self- test of your position on 2 political dimensions. Test. If you have been directed here directly from another site, we ask that you read our homepage before..

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Quote message in reply? Might be because I didn't answer a question as strongly as I did last time. You may post replies. Though it doesn't seem to take foreign policy into account, I think I'd swing quite a bit further right if it did. Still, I was determined to find out how I did not believe in social freedom. And I'm guessing the majority of people here fall in the green zone. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

forum political compass test

You want big brother out of your bedroom, out of your bank account, and off your property! Some of the people I talk to on the forums regularly might find that surprising. MMA Forum News And Announcements. C is online now. Quote message in reply? If she spins counter clockwise you're left brained. Shock and Awe Forum Awards Xan Krieger: I'm noticing a trend here, bottom left seems to be the place forum political compass test most of us will end up. You're on the right and libertarian ndbmedia travel itch radio of the political spectrum! Frission Forum Awards Yup, I'm not too surprised. You know, I've been told that there is a way to cheat on the Ten Commandments and still get into Heaven. Frission: To be fair a lot of things asked in the questions also concern social values, since I imagine everyone here is relatively tolerant on matter concerning homosexuality and sexuality. So, with some research and a lot of guessing, I finally figured out the answers. Finally, the actual answers:. Not a member yet? If you read through their site, it becomes apparent their politics are similar to our own and bucksexton buckshot david french staff writer national review display a contempt for how right-wing the political landscape is. Then again, some questions were fairly arbitrary. Latest Videos Safe these apps your kids Everything. User was banned for: Another casualty of the BREXIT: Science.

The Political Compass Test

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Near where they put Thatcher, no surprise there. Likewise, if you have a better site, do provide it. Do you already have an account?

forum political compass test