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Fiat is the largest automaker in Italy and blankets such brands as Lancia, Maserati and Alfa Romeo. Are you sure you want to continue? Then there are wagons, from simple buckboards to large covered land barges, sharing all of the varied, mundane duties we saddle our contemporary vehicles with, they were the useful but unglamorous transportation of their time. Now, many will immediately boo-hiss the Northstar engine shoehorned under the aluminum hood, but rabbit-hole research uncovered some interesting points.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There was no doubt my full throttle blast got his attention as he immediately pulled into the left lane behind me. The shape is curvaceous and sexy, its sound is powerful and compelling, and the way you feel when you drive it is sensual and stimulating. More from the FT Group. They widened new eyes and set middle age hearts aflutter with a well placed homage to the mighty musclecars of yore. The black vinyl interior was cooking hot and the lack of power steering made parking lot maneuvers challenging, but once on the street things changed for the better. By the time I graduated high school, the muscle car era was history but many examples of the proud pavement warriors still roamed the streets. In the run-up to the exam, the tension was palpable. Bentley, Stutz and Aston Martin were all among the heavily favored cars to win, and all were vehicles that sold for as much as four times the price of the lowly Chrysler convertible, freebooks crunch time sports legends managing crisis.