Laser manufacturing expands reach

laser manufacturing expands reach

In its solar cell production system, a robot arm loads individual silicon substrates onto a movable X-Y table. A 10-W Q-switched laser, operating at 1064 nm and.
Long known for versatility in material processing, lasers are moving out of prototype and specialty applications into mainstream production.
Veracity Technology Solutions, an AGC Aerospace & Defense company, recently relocated its Pensacola office to a larger facility to...

Laser manufacturing expands reach - - expedition Seoul

Six axis robots are becoming more common as advanced electronics make it simpler to control additional axes of motion. Fiber Optic Probe Brings Endoscopic Cancer Diagnosis Closer to Clinic. President and CEO Bob Lashier will remain company president. Main Menu - DesignNews. EDBV machines offer other advantages as well.

laser manufacturing expands reach

Complete the form below to e-mail this page to a friend. It has proven more flexible than electroforming or stamping, and capable of creating smaller dimensions than the. Dassault Systemes Looks Forward to a New Design Renaissance. Optimizing the shape of the water chamber also took years of experimentation, Mr. Its enclosed construction can withstand high pressure cleaning with sanitizers. Solutions to the Healthcare Quality Crisis. Please login or register, culture richard brody hateful eight quentin tarantinos playfully adolescent filmmaking FREE, to post comments:. Shaped to optimize airflow laser manufacturing expands reach the hollow interior, hole geometries differ from part to. Reduce Time to Market: Industry Solutions to Accelerate Complex Product Design Process. Although Synova is understandably tight-lipped about these and other critical design features, literature from the company describes how this unique technology differs from conventional laser machining in three fundamental ways: The combination of these three advantages provides LMJ with the versatility to cut intricate features into virtually any material except glass, wood, paper, textiles and clear plastic. List in the Buyers' Guide. Contact your local rep. Robotic Production Technology of Auburn Hills, laser manufacturing expands reach, MI, will introduce a robotic laser cutting system to U. You can click the link above to view this page. Initial coating penetration and machining of the diffuser shape can be performed by LMJ while leaving the bulk of the hole to the EDM drill. What is the Market View on Quality Management? This capability simplifies the overall process by enabling turbine blade manufacturers to drill holes after coating rather than. Jason Hillenbrand, product manager for Amada America Schaumburg, IL notes that lasers have another fundamental advantage to offer—versatility. Quality Brain Teasers: Real World Challenges to Build Your Manufacturing Skills ebook.

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Laser manufacturing expands reach journey

What is gauge reliability? Event to Explore New and Emerging Product Design Technologies. Industry News Subscribe Web Exclusives Apps.

laser manufacturing expands reach