Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple

ocarina time walkthrough fire temple

Now that the Forest Temple is done, if you head back to the Temple of Time, Sheik will move out of the way and allow you to approach the Pedestal of Time.
Now that you're adult Link and can freely travel back and forth through time (via Temple of Time and Prelude of Light), take some time to plant.
How to get through the Fire Temple, defeat Volvagia, and get the Fire Medallion in Ocarina of Time..

Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple expedition

But promise me you won't bother anymore!!! Gold Skulltula : There is a boulder outside the entrance to Goron City, near where you threw the bomb flower that opened up the Dodongo's Cavern as a child. Take a crate behind you, go down the stairs and place the crate on a switch. If you decide to drop all the way down the hole with the ladder you'll take some damage from the massive fall, so either climb from the top or jump down to the ladder from the opposite side. Do this until it is defeated and explodes. Use the hookshot to pull Flare Dancer's body toward you. Go to the left side of the room, avoiding flames.

ocarina time walkthrough fire temple

From that ledge you. Open the door and hit the block with your Hammer, then jump and smash the rusty switch to unlock the door. Enter the next room. Climb up the steps to the left, but don't hit the switch. Be sure to visit the Skulltula House if you have collected enough Golden Skull Tokens to earn another reward. Cavern section to find out how to complete the cavern. Kill the fire keese in this room. Talk to the Goron, then retrieve another Small Key from the chest. Then step on the switch, and go as fast as you can to the end of the stairs and open the chest. Now step inside the Fire Temple. Continue around the edge of. Along the far wall will be another gold brick area. Hookshot up to the scarecrow, turn around and Hookshot to the small platform. Repeat this strategy until it dies. Return to the room with the moving wall of flame and enter the locked door on the high platform. Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple in the boulder room.

Expedition fast: Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple

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  • Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple
  • Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Walkthrough - Fire Temple - Part 4

Ocarina time walkthrough fire temple - - journey

Special note: You can do this in preparation as well. Free him and get the small key from the. Death Mountain Trail : At night, go to the spot with the fence where you tossed a Bomb Flower down to unblock Dodongo Cavern, and look for a red rock. You will notice that the wall is a climbable surface. Most doors are blocked with iron bars, and the Big Key and Megaton Hammer come very early.

ocarina time walkthrough fire temple