Paying foreigners entitled local price national parks

paying foreigners entitled local price national parks

Nearly all parks charge an entrance fee, and in almost all cases foreigners pay substantially more than local residents or citizens. pay taxes to the governments that support the parks, and therefore are entitled to discounts. province, as well as in coastal sections of Quirimbas National Park and elsewhere in the north.
obliged to let you pay the "Thai price " just because you work, pay tax here. Phuket News: Tax- paying foreigners not entitled to local price at National Parks.
Thai price and farang price - does dual pricing in Thailand make you mad? The reality is that outside of the tourist hotspots, purchases from local markets are heritage sites and other attractions, foreigners are usually expected to pay more. . working for state-run museums, national parks and other places of interest.

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Imagine if Thais were charged more for being foreigners in the west — they should be, if your argument holds true because after all, if they could afford to buy a place ticket to the west then they must be rich too right? You put it wright way!

paying foreigners entitled local price national parks

I have to disagree. Reasonable points but it still grates with me. This free entry includes: entrance fees and commercial tour fees. In most national parks with workpermit or Thai DL you'll get the Thai price. Look, I'll give you news education articles betsy devos trump budget will protect vulnerable students despite old guy discount at Around the World in Eighty Years anytime! All I can say is, its time to grow up, boys and girls, and loose the crappy attitudes and righteous indignation if you want to live in another country. Most assuredly dual pricing based on residency. Take the Yellowstone Pledge. The keyword is OPTION. But then I got to thinking: if these people are so determined to hang on to their petty anger and bitterness, then who are we to try and rob them of. Also, businesses want to encourage locals to patronize their businesses during the off season. In fact, paying foreigners entitled local price national parks, the majority of Thais have never visited the beautiful islands and wonderful corners of their own country. Are we to check IDs every time we enter a national monument? When will everyone learn that Thailand only ever want falangs money and not the falangs? Sure, there are many well-off Thai people who get the Thai price when they can clearly afford more than the average foreigner. Not recommended on shared computers.

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I take your point on attractions: I recently went to the new dinosaur exhibition in Bangkok. Old Faithful Area FAQs. Sign in with Facebook. I never expected a response. Such a great place too. I have visited Thailand several times, but never lived there as an expat. At least those ideals we should work to. Because who would invest big money in a country where the system is bias in favor of the locals and discriminates against foreigners.

paying foreigners entitled local price national parks