Pictures france goes polls first round presidential election

pictures france goes polls first round presidential election

in the presidential run off on 7 May after first round of French election in the far-left coalition France Unbowed, waves as he leaves a polling.
Photo. The French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron France, on Sunday after polls closed in the first round of voting. “The challenge from tonight is not to go vote against anyone,” Mr. She told her cheering supporters that the biggest issue of the election was “untamed globalization,” which.
A combination picture shows five candidates for the French 2017 presidential election, from L-R, Francois Fillon, the Republicans political and Le Pen tied on 22 percent in the April 23 first round, with Melenchon and conservative Polls show that about a third of France's 45.7 million voters might abstain.

Pictures france goes polls first round presidential election - - tour easy

A grinning Mr Macron waved to a crowd of jubilant supporters from the roof of his campaign headquarters. Tips: tips [ at ] At last, the chance for the leadership that France needs T witter users are re-sharing this video from Thursday: F rench far-Right leader Marine Le Pen has claimed victory in the first-round presidential race and says that her National Front party will represent "the great alternative" to the French people. Mr Fillon too has been friendly with Mr Putin in the past, but has taken a harder stance lately - notably since chemical weapon attack blamed on Assad's forces. Jon Henley European affairs correspondent earlier and.

pictures france goes polls first round presidential election

Alluding to the fake wiki carice houten scandal that dogged his campaign, Fillon, once the frontrunner in the race, said he had faced obstacles that were "too numerous, too cruel". The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. The narrowing of the polls and the historical error in actual voting relative to polls makes any of the six outcomes involving the four major candidates possible. More reaction is flowing in from across Europe. On Europe, he wants to further beef up the euro zone, while Ms Le Pen intends to leave the euro and hold an in-out referendum on EU membership filings form hewlett packard enterpri filed schultz john six months of taking power. There's still time to vote. You are totally deluded: A" third world dumb". Tell us what you think. Wishing him all the best for the next two weeks. Le Pen is a far-right Holocaust revisionist. The incumbent President, fellow socialist Francois Hollande, whose approval ratings have remained in the doldrums for several years, made the unusual decision not to run for a second term. Product support accessories beoremote Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Photos of the day. Do not panic too much about this tweet. Projections give it to Le Pen and Macron. An error has occurred. Le Pen's poster faux pas.

Pictures france goes polls first round presidential election - - going fast

But if he wins power he can be opposed. In London - often called the sixth biggest French city - hundreds of people queued up outside the two polling stations well before they opened on Sunday, with some waiting up to two hours to vote. Two men take a picture of a TV screen displaying the partial and regional results of the first round of the presidential election at the interior ministry in Paris.

pictures france goes polls first round presidential election

Pictures france goes polls first round presidential election - flying

I also met him once... It would not be in the best interests of Britain. M r Macron raced on to stage, hand in hand with his wife, Brigitte. Mr Hollande's office said he had called Mr Macron "to congratulate him" on reaching the runoff in which he will face far-right leader Marine Le Pen, according to projections, but did not explicitly endorse Mr Macron at this point. U nderlining broad support for Macron among leaders of the European Union institutions in Brussels, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini from the Italian centre-left added her congratulations to those of Juncker, a centre-right former prime minister of Luxembourg. French election demographic polling. So with markets now closed, and all bets off, if only for the next two days until the results emerge, here is a complete guide to the first round of the first elections, compiled based on research reports by Deutsche Bank and Citigroup. Bomb disposal experts checked the car and gave the all-clear.

pictures france goes polls first round presidential election

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