Publications research periodicals blending liberal business education

publications research periodicals blending liberal business education

INTEGRATING PROFESSIONAL AND LIBERAL EDUCATION. Report of a Symposium on the “ Blending ” the Liberal Arts into Business Programs . discussions, this report focuses on some programmatic examples of how studies in business and the liberal arts can be .. arguments akin to those in academic journals. It is.
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, Blending liberal art and business education. Liberal Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning.
ERIC is an online library of education research and information, sponsored by indexed journals contain an average of education -related articles and Business and Professional Communication Quarterly . International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning International Journal of Progressive Education.

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The education of American businessmen. Byron Chew is Monaghan professor of management at Birmingham-Southern College and Cecilia McInnis-Bowers is visiting professor of international business at Rollins College. Read more Liberal Education and Military Leadership Articles by educational leaders at West Point, the Air Force Academy, and the Naval Academy... In the process, this hybrid helps students acquire knowledge and skills that are more lasting, reliable, and useful--for them, their careers, and their communities. Thus, the need exists for a bridge or other construct to span the separation created by the aforementioned curricular structure. These purposes are often accomplished through a discipline distribution approach to course planning that mandates a percentage of courses be taken outside of the major.
publications research periodicals blending liberal business education

To respond to this article, e-mail: liberaled sisinfo.infowith author's name on the subject line. Read more Diversity and Civic Learning: New Directions, New Research This issue examines underemphasized dimensions of diversity, new research about the links between. She learned about what it means to be Jewish, Polish, and American—and so too did the other students in her entertainment books ivana trump book group. Higher Education This issue explores the potential impact of the Bologna Process on higher education in the United. It teaches through research, and researches through teaching. This disconnected curricular structure challenges educators with the task of enabling students to grasp the interconnections in their business education between concepts and skills from a rich array of liberal arts. Yet we are challenged to overcome counterproductive instincts of paranoia. Enabling students to make publications research periodicals blending liberal business education is a challenge not only in general education, but in business programs as. Read more The Humanities This issue features the changing role of the humanities in today's academy. Why do I tend to do what my friends want, when I do not really want to? This issue presents the findings from a new national survey of employer priorities for college. As we bring these two aims even closer together in classrooms, residence life, and community practice, students across majors will help to educate one another and thereby command much higher levels of active, reflective, and collaborative learning. The study of cases captures experience for analysis and review and creates a teaching method of theoretically grounded experience that prepares students for the unpredictability of practice. The model represents a cohesive teaching and learning strategy designed to enable students to develop teamwork skills through a three-pronged approach: knowing self, understanding others, and collaborating to solve complex problems see sidebar. Hirsh, Sandra and Jean Kummerow. And it is a struggle for democracy and freedom that is worldwide and civilization-long--this great toiling for sustainable human society.

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Introduction to type in organizations: Individual interpretive guide. Read more Bringing Theory to Practice This issue provides an overview of the Bringing Theory to Practice project, an effort to advance... Our case for liberal learning. On Solid Ground A new VALUE report describes its groundbreaking approach to assessing student learning showing it is possible to evaluate undergraduate..

publications research periodicals blending liberal business education