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Freshen up your viewing habits with our favorite shows on Netflix Instant Watch.
Page 2 | Looking for a new show to watch? Check out DT's tightly-curated list of the best Netflix Instant TV shows to find your next addiction!.
Scattered among the best TV shows on Netflix are more and more of the streaming platform's own original series. Watching TV on Netflix has....

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We understand that you may have many reasons for blocking our advertisers. Love Wet Hot American Summer? Use Google Contributer to see less ads. As usual, his subject matter delights and outrages in equal measure, whether ruminating on the perils of fatherhood or expressing his frustration in trying to keep up with politically correct terminology. The short-lived cult favorite is a painfully honest portrayal of a group of twentysomethings pursuing stardom in Hollywood. The best of their catalogue is on Amazon Prime. I write about TV for a living and I barely knew it was premiering. Though the show involves characters not typically seen in the big Marvel movies, it does still share continuity with the long list of past and future Marvel films.

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  • Don't be thrown off by the massive time jumps in the first few episodes — once this show falls into place, it's unbelievably hard to turn off, shows instant. She Sharon Horgan gets pregnant. Though it doesn't cover sex-based offenses in particular, this thriller reminds us of SVU our favorite iteration, obviously because of its focus on the cars and detectives' personal lives.

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The family that kills together, stays together. If you thrive on seeing incredibly awkward human interactions, cue up Nathan for You. The beloved childhood show that instilled a love of reading in many generations is finally available on Netflix.

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