Tech twitter shadowbans donald trump tweet

tech twitter shadowbans donald trump tweet

/v/OldNews · /v/ technology Archived Twitter shadowbanned a Donald Trump tweet ( and this is how you get trump elected.
@TrumpNewMedia # DonaldTrumpPatriot #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN . SHADOW BANS # Donald # Trump Tweet @ realdonaldtrump.
TWITTER SHADOWBANS DONALD TRUMP TWEET BREITBART According to Breitbart Tech, Twitter is apparently ' shadowbanning '.

Tech twitter shadowbans donald trump tweet - travel

Stealing shit from the White House? Told my family about that... This is a forum for supporters of Trump ONLY. Sign Up For Our Newsletter. I Own the World. They say don't throw good money after bad, but when you're already fucked: WHY NOT?
tech twitter shadowbans donald trump tweet

They think that's how the whole world is, and by gosh they're gonna censor and ban and delete until their fantasy world is reality. Horrible, sad to see a decent platform take advantage of it's massive database of users. Arutz Sheva- Israel News. Captain Atom isn't a Racist. It's a nice platform. Of note, there was one tweet that was deleted by Twitter. Well, maybe in our worst nightmares. Armageddon and the Return of the Messiah. I appreciate the updates on news and event that we get via twitter… but I really feel that the corrupt owners do not deserve the patronage and income they derive. It should be noted that I've been here since January, I just recently got a new name so my history won't reflect it. What that means is that when the user who posted the shadowbanned tweet expands the wall of replies below the original "tech twitter shadowbans donald trump tweet," they can see their reply tweet and the assumption is that other people can see it. Nik "The Carny" Lentz. If Scott is raising concerns at twitter home wfnb security featuresaspx his conduct there, then his other conduct becomes even more questionable. Advertising: ads [ at ] He won't be their dummy. Censorship is what you do. But it was probably because I study postgraduate accommodation pure city people to tweet me examples of Clinton supporters being violent against peaceful Trump supporters in public. Enter your comment here.

Tech twitter shadowbans donald trump tweet - flying

If the Trump-haters at twitter don't want to treat conservatives fairly, they need to be forced to admit it. That's not a smart thing to do. Why is this time any different? It would help his campaign. There are millions of dumb or gullible people in this country..