Tours europe norway spectacular scandinavia

tours europe norway spectacular scandinavia

Scandinavia & Iceland Tours Insight Vacations Europe Tours savings on Insight Vacations's 15 Day Spectacular Scandinavia & its Fjords. Revel in Cross into Norway and pass the Olympic ice skating rink called the 'Viking Ship' at Hamar.
Travel throughout the thrilling landscapes of Denmark, Sweden and Norway as you connect with the cultural capitals of Northern Europe. that immerses you in natural beauty on a privately guided tour of Stockholm's spectacular archipelago.
Explore spectacular Scandinavia on a 15 day adventure from Copenhagen to Hardangervidda, Europe's highest mountain plateau, and home to Norway's...

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The latter is to be expected in any tour of Scandinavia, but it meant early starts to the day and plenty of sitting. Cross scenic mountains and travel through ski-resorts on your way to the capital of Oslo.

Walking news article detailaspx, as well as walking slightly longer distances, up stairs or on uneven walking surfaces should be expected. Grand Tour of Scandinavia. Cross the famous Oresund Bridge into Sweden. The fiords, glaciers and mountains of the west coast are stunningly beautiful. Then a scenic drive will take you to your hotel in Leikanger. Let's dispense with the negatives. Please note: tour inclusions and available options may vary based on departure date. Unfortunately, it sank on its maiden voyage. Join your fellow travelers on a guided walking tour of Bergen. See Christiansborg Palace, seat of the Danish Government, as well as the Rosenborg and Amalienborg Palaces and the Renaissance Stock Exchange. Seeing those buses negotiating those tight turns is a sight to see. Europe's Highest Fjord at Dalsnibba. Embark on an exhilarating This your brain music obsession cruise. It's business class comfort.

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  • Everyone was punctual, happy and we enjoyed each other's company.
  • Tours europe norway spectacular scandinavia
  • En-route, pass through picturesque villages of half-timbered houses and thatched roofs. The hotel is certified as eco-friendly.
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Hardangerfjord: Hear all about the production processes and sample authentic apple cider at a traditional family-run fruit farm. International flights not included.

tours europe norway spectacular scandinavia

Tours europe norway spectacular scandinavia -- flying

Journey to the mountain plateau of Myrdal and cascade down to the fjord of Flam offering breathtaking views each way. Relaxed Start A Local Expert will reveal the charm of Denmark's capital.

tours europe norway spectacular scandinavia