Travel while employment insurance

travel while employment insurance

i don't really know where to post this question. does anyone know if re-entering the USA after traveling overseas will tip off the state.
Someone I know went on a vacation while collecting unemployment and had their New York State DOL: Traveling while receiving Unemployment Insurance.
Can I travel outside Canada while on E.I.? Yes you can! Unlike many rumors out there that says you are not allowed to go on vacation, you are.

Travel while employment insurance - - traveling

For example in New York State, you can actually file via phone or online while in Canada. Provide more details optional :. Other Asian, Australian, and South Pacific Airlines. Government of Canada activities and initiatives. Benefit information Complete E. Hong Kong and Macau.
travel while employment insurance

Bed Bath and Beyond. However, if you disclose your actions to Service Canada before an investigation begins, we may waive any monetary penalties and prosecutions that might otherwise apply. Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card Programs. Using our tax dollars to splurge on travel, while we all work are butts off just to get by. Health risks and safety. Other North and South American Airlines. Can you tell me more about the premiums paid into the EI Account? How do you calculate the amount of my benefits? But this being a free country, what you do with your time while unemployed shouldn't be the business of government. Child and family benefits.

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