Tumblr hash political compass

tumblr hash political compass

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This is because I know that I'm a reasonable, good person and therefore your criticism is unhinged. Overall, I'm not very much convinced by the idea that pointing out when people are behaving badly and asking them not to behave badly - even if it's sometimes clumsy - is somehow destabilizing an entire political side. I do agree with its premise that the Left is fraught with internecine squabbles, though, and I am somewhat disappointed in the move towards identity politics, although I'm not really opposed to that, either--I'm just not sure it coincides with any of my more macro political goals or preferences. This is why you should mistrust them. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members.
tumblr hash political compass

No need to fauxpologize, yr holiness :. And hey, that's what happens with these two-axis categorizations- libertarian socialism, for example, cannot be graphed on the Nolan Chartbecause the Nolan Chart assumes that "economic liberty" and "anarcho-capitalism" are identical- leaving stateless socialism out in the cold. It may be that, for example, the areas labelled "situationism" and "protest" have useful cross-correlations, but since they are in opposed quadrants, his analysis permits none, tumblr hash political compass. Um… Something tells me tumblr hash political compass didn't mean this as a compliment, but aside from that you are simply quoting what I wrote out of context. Second silliness: the whole about addiction rehabs of the last twenty years of mainstream politics is that the "liberals" have been adopting right-wing policies piece by piece, while the "right wing" move ever further to the right. On the other hand, the proposal would also trim other deductions utilized by wealthier Americans. His inclusion of it is IMO a further example of how Auerbach doesn't know what the fuck he's on. Where it's strong is I think the way it points out different groups of the left, and how there are some genuine differences in their ideas. It's practically a cottage industry itself .

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  • These things are almost always issue or value based, assigned haphazardly to various political positions, without taking into account any broader ideology.
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  • Still, the proposal could reduce the tax burden for the wealthy as well. For what it's worth, he doesn't seem overly enamored with GamerGate in this article though he also criticizes anti-GG people for doxing and harrassment, and I have no idea if what he's saying is true or not.

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But it's often drawn back down by the urge to find systems that are binary. Well I'm sorry for not writing several paragraphs on somebody who thinks anarchists and communists aren't interested in privilege discourse those are several very odd, very cherry-picked paragraphs and talks like his concepts of ethical agency vs structural determination and credulous solidarity vs skeptical suspicion are classifications of different kinds of people rather than modes which people use in different ways at different times. Too many badly embedded stupid assumptions. Calm down and try again. Or related accusations of a story being false.. I am highly amused by the entirely predictable, of course visceral reactions of some of the commenters in this thread. Having traveled in NY media circles enough I would hazard a broad generalization that people who pursue journalism careers are likely to have a stronger streak of self-aggrandizement than activist fervor. The second objection becomes clear when you think about the historic behavior of self-identified communists — their internal solidarity does not predict trust-based praxis, e.

tumblr hash political compass

Tumblr hash political compass -- expedition cheap

It kind of provides the background explanation for where this particular incoherent "The Left is Tearing Itself Apart! There's really no stronger evidence that a big portion of the left has gone down a dark path than when it starts pointing its fingers at someone like me as if I'm the bad guy. The threat of a rising budget deficit could erode support for the plan among lawmakers in Trump's own Republican Party. I've alluded to this in my prior comments, and others have given many examples already. Two-axis charts to categorize ideologies and beliefs are much more useful for reframing a discourse in a way that an individual situated within that discourse will find politically useful than they are for promoting understanding. Right-click on the highlighted DOM element and select "Delete". They're plenty scary as they are, but they'd be scarier if they could get their act together. It would improve the intellectual rigor somewhat.

tumblr hash political compass